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DIY Aisle Runner

If you’d like to try out this DIY idea for your wedding, here are some tips:

Zara explained “I wrote this on my knees, bum in the air :) Be sure to write it on a flat surface and remember to cover the surface used because the paint comes through the material.”

Instead of black material, you could use adhesive chalkboard roll and chalk pens. But check with your venue that it’s ok first, they may be wary of sticky marks. If so, you could apply to the chalkboard roll to large lengths of cardboard first so that the adhesive is not directly applied to the floor, then trim the visible excess.

Either way, make sure you or a member of your bridal party have a test run to make sure it’s not slippery for your grand entrance!

What To Write?

~ The groom could write a special message to his bride.

~ The guests could write messages to the bride or to the happy couple {a guest book on a grand scale!}

~ The lyrics to a special song.

~ A religious or meaningful passage or poem.

~ Something funny, sweet or cute like an arrow pointing to your partner saying ‘This way to wedded bliss’ or ‘The beginning of forever’.

Do you have any more suggestions? What are your thoughts on aisle runners?

Love this!

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